In April of 2017 Leilani had the honor of being featured as an ePatient Scholar for Stanford Medicine X | ED 2017. Leilani has since graduated to an ePatient Advisor and Faculty role, lecturing for the Stanford Anesthesia Summer Program's "Science, Technology, and Medicine" course as well as for Dr. Larry Chu's Stanford Graduate "Precision Medicine" course. During Fall 2017 Leilani mentored ePatient Ignite! Speakers for the 2017 Stanford Medicine X Fall Conference hosted on the Stanford Medical School campus.


Stanford Medicine X ePatient Portrait Film, dir. Paul Shepherd


Stanford Medicine X | ED 2017 "X & Why" ePatient Ignite!


 Everyone Included™ Episode 7: PCOR and CER

Leilani Graham, Medicine X Ed ePatient Scholar, discusses a lifetime in healthcare starting with a heart attack at age 13 to her heart transplant at 26. Having shared with many research projects Leilani gives her views on improvement and successes from her first hand experience on patient centered outcomes.


Everyone Included™ Episode 7: PCOR and CER

Dr. Chu, Medicine X director, sits down with a group of thought leaders of different stakeholder groups health care to strategize ways to improve health care and medical education. Their focus is Patient Centered Outcomes Research and Clinical Effectiveness Research and quickly they all realize that in order to find the solution the root of the problem needs to be defined.

Hear thoughtful insights from Leliani Graham, Google analyst and ePatient activist, Remi Wolf, Stanford Anesthesia Fellow and Digital Education Designer, Sylvie Dobrota, Stanford Research Associate and Pre-Med Student, Justin Lai, Designer and Public Health expert, Nirupan Vipulananthan, Stanford Anesthesia Fellow and Digital Education Designer. This is merely the beginning of the conversation. What are your thoughts on the subject and how do we move forward to improve health care? Continue the conversations on social media using #medx and #everyoneincluded.