"I am learning more and more that I process things of great matter in latency. I don’t become hysterical in the moment; I don’t break down at the first sign of decay.

It is a defense mechanism that has served me well over the years. It allows me to stay sharp, on-task, and quick when a provider has mere minutes to address months’ worth of symptoms, questions, concerns…"

Think back to when you were a kid and someone (father, brother, pal) would amicably offer you two raised arms with closed fists. “Pick one!” they’d say, while simultaneously winking towards the fist that held the object. You smile, thinking yourself clever for catching on enough to pick the correct side. You grin as the hand opens and your prize is inside. This is the illusion of choice.

Ah, social media. My generation’s bastard child, a double-edged sword, a false reality. It gives and it takes without regard for the emotional capacity, the present day’s to-do list, the general life plan, etc. of its consumer...