Otherwise Unremarkable

January 18, 2016. I've never really understood the trope of writing that it was an "unremarkable day." Inevitably that day is always about to become remarkable, by contrast of precedent, throughout the rest of the scene. Aren't we to assume that, by the story simply taking place on a day in this character's world, that such a day is, thus far, "just like any other day"? Surely the lack of anything having happened yet makes the day, but default, otherwise unremarkable?

I'm trying to stay away from otherwise unremarkable days. The uneventful so quickly turns into the uninspired and unpurposeful. January 18, 2016 is only ever going to happen once. Ever. Isn't that terrifyingly intimidating?

Yet, despite that daunting task of "making every day count", on a day like today, what could I really comment on? What would dear reader be fascinated by? I slept in late, had a middle-tier breakfast, did some comparison shopping, finally followed up on a few emails. Well, I've been oversleeping, undercreative with breakfast, unconvertingly browsing ecommerce, and corresponding lazily. What was new?

But I delved further, forcing myself to glean moments of note. Presently, things began simmering to the top of the pot, making themselves shinny and apparent, like little bubbles of oil in a well-seasoned pasta sauce.

  1. I spent the majority of the day with my mother who, not only put up with my massive indecisiveness, but even encouraged it, knowing too well that I won't feel justified in my decision until I've painstakingly exhausted every alternative consideration.
  2. A friend called, for no other reason than to say hello.
  3. The Meyer lemon and rosemary shortbread ice cream I made needed work, and consequently inspired me to improve the next batch.
  4. I had dinner with a new friend who shared her stories unreservedly while absorbing mine in concord.
  5. I walked a quarter of a mile at pace without feeling winded.

And for today, a day that will never ever on this earth occur again, that is enough.


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"Doc Martin Theme" from the television series Doc Martin, by Colin Towns

A witty British seaside comedy with surprising depth, this show is currently the #1 binge watch of the parental Netflix account. The music itself is somewhat out of tone with the show (think sleepy fishing village meets Spanish tango), which actually lends to a more dramatic, even intruiging undertone in sequences where a more Fawlty Towers-esque laugh track would normally suffice. I find I'm caring more about the scenery, the characters, and the storylines than I otherwise would about a small-town series that looks as if it took place in the early 90s, despite it still being in the schedule (seriously, is nothing on cable filmed in HD in the UK?).

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1HrS1ONEL8?rel=0&w=420&h=315]

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